[Coral-List] Note the time change of the general meeting

Yousuf Ali dive_in_karachi at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 06:02:32 EDT 2008

5th August 2008 


Dear Scuba Buddies


Please Note the time Change
of the General Meeting


The General Meeting will be held at 6:30 pm on Monday 18th August
2008 at Beach Luxury Hotel.




Yousuf Ali




15th July 2008


Dear Scuba buddies,


People fascinated by life beneath
the Sea since they started exploring the water of our plant with scuba, Karachities have been diving and
exploring the coast of Karachi since 1962, when the water around three islands at
Clifton beach was crystal clear and divers were awarded with beautiful fauna
and flora.


KSDC (Karachi Scuba Diving Center) dedicated to protecting our
fragile ocean environment and its diversity of life through public education,
innovative projects, research, and advocacy. Organized seminars produced TV
shows, on life guarding, and safe use of beaches, ocean currents, wave’s
behaviors and topography.


After 22 years of hard working
KSDC’s work has been recognized and many corporation decided to come forwards
and lend a helping hand to KSDC. 



It’s time we had a Diver’s Club.
Establishing independent “Scuba Diving Club” as a separate entity for the
“Scuba Diving Community” run and operates by independent elected body on yearly
basis with a pledge, to bring awareness among divers to respect and protect
marine life, cleaning the ocean beds, looking after the our novice Coral Reef
which desperately required our attention, if we don’t take immediate action we
may lost our heritage (Plastic bags, discarded fishing nets, and explosives are
the major killer of marine life and bring lot of damage to  Corals and associated fauna and flora, especially
air breathing animals i.e. turtles, and snacks)


Dinshaw B.
Avari who himself is a scuba diver has kindly extend his offer to host the
up coming Scuba Convention for the diver’s community at one of the conference
hall at “Beach Luxury Hotel”.


The purpose of
this convention is to establish a “SCUBA DIVING CLUB” in order to do so we
require Scuba Divers to come forward to take up the leading role in the
formation of the club. The diver’s than select a committee consist of the
following positions.

ChairmanClub sectaryDive-MasterEquipment CoordinatorDive Boat CoordinatorSocial Event ManagerNews Letter EditorEnvironmental Coordinator


The committee
than, outline “Memorandum of Association’ for the club, covering up the
following: - 

Member ship rulesMember ship feeBy laws

The committee
will be responsible for procurement of the following items

Dive tripsDiving EquipmentDive BoatRoad transport

The committee
shall be responsible for organizing Diving Trips locally and internationally,
a web-site, regular newsletters, inexpensive beverages and social events.


The committee shall organize
research and environmental projects to providing training and opportunity for
all who seek to enjoy and safely explore and protect our Sea, lakes and


This growing sense of concern for
the protection and nurturing of the aquatic environment among diver is a need
of the time.


A message to divers

Dive carefully in fragile aquatic ecosystem; be aware
     of your body and equipment placement when diving.Keep your diving skills sharp with continuing
     education.Understand and respect underwater life and resist the
     urge to collect souvenirs.Report environment disturbances and distraction of
     dive site.Get involved in local environment activities and


The committee
will be selected for a period of one year. 

The propose
date for the Convention18th August 2008 at 5 pm.

The last date
for registration will be 12th August 2008.



Waiting for
your useful comments 









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