[Coral-List] Coral bleaching observation: Dubai, Arabian/Persian Gulf

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 15 12:00:46 EDT 2008

Temperatures in the Persian/Arabian Gulf are running higher than  
normal.  Our HotSpots across most of the Gulf show temperatures from  
0-1 degrees above the maximum monthly mean and there has been low- 
level accumulation of thermal stress (Degree Heating Weeks = 1 in  
parts of the Gulf).  Unfortunately, semi-enclosed bodies like this are  
especially difficult to monitor using satellites.


On Aug 15, 2008, at 7:55 AM, John Burt wrote:

> Coral bleaching has been observed at several reefs and breakwaters  
> in Dubai, UAE in the past week. Species primarily affected include  
> Acropora downingi, Porites lutea, P. lobata, Cyphastrea  
> micropthalma, and Turbinaria reniformes. Most bleaching is  
> restricted to depths less than 4 m.
> Similar observations were reported last here year, and most bleached  
> colonies in permanent quadrats recovered 'normal' appearance within  
> one month during that event.
> John Burt
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