[Coral-List] reference Imbrie et al,, 1984

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Mon Aug 18 12:44:33 EDT 2008

Good day

My name is Luis Fernando Vasquez Bedoya, I´m PhD student in Marine
Geochemestry at UNAM. I´m looking for this reference: 
" Imbrie, J., Hays, J. D., McIntyre, A., Mix, A. C., Morley, J. J.,
Pisias, N. G., Prell, W. L., and Shackleton, N. J. (1984). The
orbital theory of Pleistocene climate: Support from a revised
chronology of the marine d18O record. In "Milankovitch and Climate."
(A. Berger, J. Imbrie, J. Hays, G. J. Kukla, and E. Saltzman, Eds.),
pp. 269-305. D. Reidel, Boston."

...and haven´t been able to find it. I would appreciate any
information about it or the current location of any of the authors. 

Thank you


Luis Fernando

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