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AN interesting theory, Gene, but that can't be detection of dust.  The Seasonal Bleaching Outlook is based on a climate model that is forecasting SSTs weeks into the future.  That particular model is not one with sufficient sophistication in its structure to include atmospheric aerosols.  You would have to look at the satellite data, not this forecast model, to detect dust clouds.

Since we have not found an immediate application for atmospheric dust content, it has not been a priority for us.  There are some satellite data products and analyses that can be used for detecting dust.  It is important to point out that unless the dust is especially thick, it is often difficult to quantify.


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> Dear Mark, I was curious about the Bleaching out look. If you click 
> on your web site 
> and enlarge the section between the US and Africa it looks curiously 
> like a typical satellite image of African dust crossing the Atlantic, 
> including the hot spot near the Canary islands where coral bleaching 
> has not been reported. I wonder if the satellite data for temperature 
> could be affected (or biased) by presence of aerosols which according 
> to many meteorologists shade and cool surface water temperature.  I 
> have seen NOAA and NASA reports  stating that dust, and conditions 
> related to dust such as wind sheer, is the reason we have had less 
> hurricanes since 2005. I wonder if it would be worthwhile for the 
> Coral Reef Watch to include an aerosol watch similar to those 
> available at other web sites. It would be good to have it all in one 
> place for the coral community to see. Gene
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