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Dear Listers
This is the season when researchers interested in coral spawning go to observe spawning on predicted dates.
Very few researchers dive every day throughout the spawning season.

If that interests you all then have a look at this blog on coral spawning

http://kuroshio.blog.ocn.ne.jp/001/2008/06/index.html      (for the month of June)
http://kuroshio.blog.ocn.ne.jp/001/2008/07/index.html      (for the month of July)
http://kuroshio.blog.ocn.ne.jp/001/                                     (for the month of August)

It shows everyday report of coral spawning starting from June 16, 2008 with observations every night for coral spawning
And from July 19, 2008 with observations every night and morning.
MOrning diving was carried out to see which coral species spawn in the morning.

Till yesterday it has been 71 days for night observations (diving every night!!) and 39 days for morning observations (diving every morning!!)

I am sorry the blog is in Japanese but if you look at the photos, one can clearly make out on which day what coral species has spawned.

All the credit goes to Takuma Mezaki (Biological Institute on Kuroshio) and Fumihito Iwase (Director, BIK) for diving every day and morning (either together or alone)

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Dear all,
I am looking for a reference textbook containing a chapter (or more) on
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