[Coral-List] Critical Habitat for Threatened Corals Finalized

Gene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Mon Dec 1 09:56:32 EST 2008

Todd, You hit the nail on the head with, " I think this is just 
another example of our government having all the right intentions but 
caught up in their own rules and regulations ending up with undesired 
consequences. " I have been having my own problems with the critical 
habitat designations but am well aware that at this point, 
"resistance if futile." Sarah is right " MUCH thought went into the 
proposal and finalization of these critical habitat designations." I 
know from talking with members of the recovery team (from which I was 
excluded). There was much thought but unfortunately not much science 
went into to the designations. We now have some large critical  areas 
designated where Acropora never lived during the past 6,000 years. 
Nothing will make it grow there if it would not grow there before 
humans moved into the Florida Keys. I pointed this  out throughout 
the designation process  knowing full well that the only input they 
wanted had to concur with their plans.   But, that's government at 
work. Relax and enjoy it.  Gene

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