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Tupper, Mark (WorldFish) M.Tupper at CGIAR.ORG
Tue Dec 2 22:22:50 EST 2008

Dear Michael,

Debbie Winton mentioned some good books (The Humann et al. Caribbean
Fish ID book is excellent but buy the 2nd edition as it has more pics
and descriptions of juvenile stages). In addition you might want to try:

Reef Fishes of the Indian Ocean: A Pictorial Guide to the Common Reef
Fishes of the Indian Ocean (Pacific Marine Fishes) by Gerry Allen and
Roger Steene.

Micronesian Reef Fishes, 2nd edition (hard cover) by Robert F. Myers.
This isn't exactly in your geographic region of choice but there will be
some overlap. In my opinion it's one of the best fish ID books
available. Not exactly what you want to take on a boat as it's not water
resistant like some of the other field guides, but a great book.


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