[Coral-List] Looking for reviews on the energy flow through coral reef ecosystems

Michael Arvedlund arvedlund at speedpost.net
Sat Dec 6 12:31:40 EST 2008

Dear everybody,

I am currently finalizing a new ecology book for Danish college
students, in collaboration with a major Danish student book publisher.

For the first time ever, there will be a major chapter on the ecology of
tropical coral reefs.

However, I find it a bit difficult to obtain recent reviews on the
energy flow through the trophic levels of a tropical shallow coral reef
ecosystem. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.

Would anyone be able to help me, please? Recent diagrams, drawings and
relevant web pages are also of very high interests.

Looking forward to hear from you on this matter.

Please contact me via my e-mail: arvedlund at speedpost.net

Cheers, Mike

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