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Coral species of Brazil can be found in the papers by Laborel 1967 and 1969 
and the book by Hetzios 1994.  The Veron 2000 book also has the Brazillian 
corals, but you will have to flip many pages of other corals to find them.. 
The Smith book probably has them as well, but maybe not all of them.  A good 
place to find these kinds of references is in Veron 2000.   -Doug

Laborel, J. 1967.  A revised list of Brazilian sleractinian corals and 
description of a new species.  Postilla 107: 1-14.

Laborel, J.  1967. A revised list of Brazilian scleractinian corals.  1. 
The rediscovery of Scolymia cubensis (Milne Edwards and Haime).  Bull. Mar. 
Sci. 21: 952-959.

Laborel J.  1969.  Madreporaires et hydrocoralliares recifaux des cotes 
Bresiliennes systematique, ecologie, repartition verticale at geographique. 
Annales de l'Insititut Oceanog 47:171-229.

Hetzel B, Barreira e Castro C  (1994)  Corals of Southern Bahia.  Editora 
Nova Froteira.  Rio de Janeiro.  189 pages.

Smith, FGW.  1971.  Atlantic reef corals, 2nd ed.  Univ. Miami Press, Miami. 
164 pp.

Veron, JEN  2000.  Corals of the World.  3 volumes.  AIMS.

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Hello, my name is Alex.
I Would like to know if there is a coral list species and it´s distribution
for Brazil. And if it so, how can I get it(references that may deal with
this subject).
Thanks for the help in advance.
Best regards

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