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Re: [Coral-List] The Preservation Predicament

Well to some degree, I think that there will be effects of climate change 
that will be inevitable, and we should focus more efforts on adapting to 
climate change rather than trying to reverse it.  However, that is not to 
say that I feel there aren't measure that can be taken to slow down (and 
possibly weaken the effects of) climate change.

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   1. The Preservation Predicament (Miguel Castrence)

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[Coral-List] The Preservation Predicament


This recent NY Times article caught my attention, especially this 
provocative statement:

"Some conservationists advocate triage, accepting that some
ecosystems, like coral reefs, may not survive in a warmer world, and
putting their efforts elsewhere."

I wonder if such statements could be damaging for our endeavors.

Miguel Castrence
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