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Drew Weiner dweiner at reefprotect.org
Wed Feb 13 13:06:01 EST 2008

 Hello Ed - great spot!  This is, indeed, very disturbing.  
 I was unable to locate any contact info for Mr. Thorne nor
information on how this coral is procured.   Did anyone else succeed
in this endeavor?  If so, I suggest we craft a letter (I volunteer to
write it), send it around the group for signatures and fire it off to
this gentlemen informing him of his ill-crafted idea.  
 Has anyone ever heard of any vendor being a "licensed distributer of
Coral from the Great Australian Barrier Reef?"  That seems a rather
dubious claim to me.  Additionally, this is clearly not coral that has
washed up on shore.  There are public education campaigns ongoing here
in the US that address coral jewelry and the like.  I'm sure they
would be interested in taking this matter up as well.
 Again, good spot Ed.  I look forward to seeing how this group will
help resolve this matter.
 Thank you,
 Drew Weiner 
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 Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 22:52:36 -0600 
 From: "Ed Blume"  
 Subject: [Coral-List] Selling coral 
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 This site that is selling coral looks disturbing:
 What types of coral are pictured?  And how bad is it that it's being
 Ed Blume 
 Volunteer, Centro Ecol?gico Akumal (www.ceakumal.org) 
 Madison, WI 

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