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Eric J Hochberg hochberg at hawaii.edu
Wed Feb 13 13:59:29 EST 2008

>From the same website (http://www.steventhornedesign.com/store/our/coral):

"This unique natural Coral has been harvested under precise, government approved, world class management arrangements. As a healthy resilient ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef accumulates and extra five million tonnes of new Coral growth every year. Of this growth, a small quota of abundant fast growing Coral of premium quality and limited size is hand harvested from specific reef zones. Just as reefs recover after natural events such as cyclones, they also quckly replenish after harvesting. Corals either regenerate from the base or larval settlement and growth of a new colony occurs. Coral harvesting is based on the highest marine science standards. A portion of sales is donated to independant scientific research to ensure that harvesting remains responsive to climate change and causes no detriment to the Great Barrier Reef."

If they have permission from the Australian government, one would presume (or hope) that the harvesting has been carefully considered and deemed sustainable.

If they don't have permission, one would expect them to get in trouble.

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This site that is selling coral looks disturbing: http://www.steventhornedesign.com/store/catalog/coral

What types of coral are pictured?  And how bad is it that it's being sold?

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