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Dear coral-listers,

without taking any stand on the question of the legality of the trade from
this one particular vendor (who I don't know anything about), I have to
correct Dr. Frias-Torres' claim that Scleractinians are CITES appendix I.

All scleractinians are CITES appendix II, and thus legal to trade in,
provided the necessary export permits or re-export certificates are in

Fossil corals, however, are exempt from CITES.


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Dear coral-listers,
in the web site provided by Ed Blume on "selling coral" 
Steven Thorne claims to be the "only licensed UK and European 
distributor of coral from the Great Australian Barrier Reef". The site 
clearly has a commercial purpose (=wants to sell the corals).

Let's review CITES, the Convention of International Trade in 
Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. I think it's appropriate 
since Australia and all the countries in the European Union (including 
UK) are members of and have ratified CITES.

All stony corals (Scleractinia) are listed under Appendix I CITES, 
with the exception of coral fossils listed under app. II. For the look 
of the photographs at the site, it seems they are live (non-fossil 
corals) that have been killed and cleaned. 
species listed because they are in danger of extinction. The only 
exception are imports of such species for non commercial purposes 
(i.e. scientific research). Further exceptions apply (Under Article 
VII) if the corals have been propagated in captivity (which is not the 
case here). 

So, what do you suggest should be the next step now?

Sarah Frias-Torres, PhD
CIMAS-RSMAS University of Miami & MRAG Americas

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