[Coral-List] Opportunity to sail on research vessel Aldebaran from Florida to Belize

Georg Heiss georg.heiss at reefcheck.de
Fri Feb 15 05:50:43 EST 2008

Dear coral-list,
please find below information about a nice opportunity to sail to Belize:
Please don't reply to me, but only to 
<mailto:Schiff at aldebaran.org>Schiff at aldebaran.org

Best regards,

This year we will start our second expedition in Belize, central 
America, therefore we will transfer our sailing research vessel from 
the U.S. to Belize. For this interesting sailing trip we search one 
or two experienced sailors who would like to join us. At the moment 
we are in Port Arthur and will take the Intercoastal Waterway to New 
Orleans, from there we will start over the Gulf of Mexico. We plan to 
leave in the next days and it would be possible to join us anywhere 
between Port Arthur and New Orleans.

More information about the project:

More information about this trip:
<mailto:Schiff at aldebaran.org>Schiff at aldebaran.org

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