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Lee Goldman coralfarmguam at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 18:27:53 EST 2008

Dear List,
  I could be way off here. I'm glad there was representation from GBR standing up and discussing the issues revolving around the export of corals for high-end home decor. Much time went inot carefully crafting a post designed to put all of our fears to rest. I am truly appreciative of your time. It struck me as funny, though? or maybe a little sad?, but definately misguided that we have the exporters and permit issuers from Australia / GBR defending their ability to provide corals for sale while maintaining a highly sustainable business model involving the harvest of corals. And suggesting that Australia can play a leadership role to other nations who have the still have the capacity to provide corals for sale. Did anyone see the price for most of the corals for sale at Steven Horne Design? Of course this venture is sustainable because their market share is so limited and so severely resticted to a very small target audiance. Before GBR can promote thier model of perfection
 when it comes to sustainable harvesting for corals destined for sale, let's see a business model that includes the sale of corals avaialble for, say, 99% of the target audience. I suspect their model works because the market is not driving their need to harvest more and more. Can this be said for the general aquarium trade?...with countries where people harvest corals to make, in a year, as much as it costs for one piece of coral from Steven Horne? That pressure of supply (over 1 million corals per year export) and demand (both from aquarium hobbyists wanting live coral AND from the local fisherman who wants the ability to put at least 1 meal per day on the table for thier family) is enormous and that is the issue that must be dealt with. Again, I am sure that everyone involved with the harvesting, export, documentation, sale, etc. has interest in conservation and knows how important it is to save the reef while making money from it, please put it into perspective the next
 time everyone meets to discuss the merits of thier business over a beer and steak at the local TGI Fridays. 
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