[Coral-List] Live coral trade - Philippine exports

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Good point.  Currently, several Pacific fish species are being found in 
Florida and elsewhere, particularly Lionfish, and the numbers of the latter 
at least indicate that the genie is out of the bottle, it sounds to me like 
an introduced species that is going to be invasive.  They were released by 
people from their aquariums into the ocean.  I hear from aquarium people 
that there are a variety of diseases and parasites that show up in aquaria, 
including coral diseases I believe.  I could easily imagine a disease or 
parasite, say on coral, coming from the Pacific, being released from an 
aquarium in Florida, and having potentially severe effects there and 
throughout the Caribbean.  Doesn't seem too far fetched.  -Doug

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> I've enjoyed the discussion regarding coral export/import. Now, I'd be
> very appreciative if folks could share any thoughts on the potential
> impacts from non-native corals imported through the aquarium trade
> into tropical or subtropical jurisdictions. How concerned should
> managers be about for example, live Pacific corals being imported into
> the Caribbean and sold in aquarium shops?
> --Craig
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>> Dear List,
>>  Currently, no Corals are allowed to be exported from the
>> Philippines. Although I am certain there is an illegal trade
>> happening and we may never know the magnitude or impact, at least
>> the government has tried to curb the harvesting of corals from their
>> already vanishing reefs. Tome, a step in the right direction.Now if
>> we can only get the enforcement issues taken care of...
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