[Coral-List] Lionfish in the Atlantic

delbeek at waquarium.org delbeek at waquarium.org
Tue Feb 19 20:10:19 EST 2008

Todd Barber-Clear <reefball at reefball.com> said:

> Hi JC,
> For what it is worth, I recall seeing a review of a scientific publication 
> in Science News a while back that genetic information had indeed been 
> collected and it was determined the Lionfish (in NC and Bahamas) were from a 
> single mother....therefore pointing a likely introduction source as an 
> aquarium release.
> I believe the conclusion was that the release must have been in NC and not 
> Miami as originally thought.  I would suggest a literature search and review 
> of the original article.
> There has been rumor here in NC that the original release was from a dive 
> shop employee trying to make an exciting dive destination (this may be only 
> urban legend).
> Thanks,
> Todd R. Barber
> Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation
> 252-353-9094

Thanks Todd, its still hard to accept that what has transpired was the result
of a single individual ... I mean ... why haven't they over run their natural
habitat if they are that fecund?? Odd.


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