[Coral-List] PointCount99 Users with Windows Vista

Phil Dustan dustanp at cofc.edu
Wed Feb 20 17:48:12 EST 2008

Dear Colleagues,
   We have discovered that PointCOunt99 works well in Windows Vista but 
there is a "virtual bug/glitch" in the operating software that makes 
life difficult, if not downright awkward.

If you use PC99 in Vista you will have a difficult problem writing .csv 
files. and the .mgr seem to be present but can't be found. Additionally, 
gallery files can't be located. Don't panic, you data are not lost.
	It turns out that Vista, in its effort to improve security, writes 
things to a virtual directory instead of the directory in the programs 
directory. So if you have been having the problem of trying to write a 
.csv file and can't find it check this out

  There is a virtual mirror of the programs directory:

Computer\c:\Users\"user name here"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program 

When you look in there you will find both the .mgr and .pts data files. 
Copy them to the same place in the PointCount directory on your hard 
drive under Programs

    c:\program files\pointcount99\data

Now when you use pointcount99 to write a .csv file it will know where 
the data file is and will write the .csv file to the 
Pointcount99\outdata directory.

     If you are creating a gallery with xgallery and  then it does not 
work in PC99 its probably for the same reason.
     Again, the .sel file can probably be found in the virtual directory 
Computer\c:\Users\"user name here"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program 

   Find the .sel file, copy it to the gallery directory on the hard 
drive and it should work for you. Put the .sel file in
c:\programs\pointcount99\gallery   and everything should work OK.

In the future if you work with Vista, PointCount99 should be installed 
outside of the c:Program Files directory in a directory of its own. 
Also, be sure to place the xgallery executable file in the directory 
that contains the PointCount99 application file

ie: c:\ProgramFiles\Pointcount99  for a standard windows application

Hope this clears up any confusion people may be having with PC99.

Phillip Dustan
Department of Biology
College of Charleston
Charleston SC 29424
(843) 953-8086
(843) 953-5453

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