[Coral-List] 2008 Mote Advanced Courses in Tropical Marine Sciences [corrected]

Esther Peters esther.peters at verizon.net
Wed Feb 20 20:55:24 EST 2008

   [Please  note  this  is  the corrected announcement, if you received a
   message  with  links  to  the  2007 courses delete it and use this one
   Mote  Marine  Laboratory's  Tropical Research Laboratory is pleased to
   announce  the  schedule for advanced courses this summer to be held at
Summerland Key, Florida, facility.

This URL will take you to the home page for all courses:


And these URLs link to the individual courses:


Download application forms from these sites.  Questions about the courses shoul
d be directed to Dr. Esther Peters ([4]epeters2 at gmu.edu), about registration to
 Lauren Waters ([5]Lauren.Waters at Delta-Seven.com), and about the diving program
 to Erich Bartels ([6]ebartels at mote.org; see also [7]http://isurus.mote.org/Key


   1. http://isurus.mote.org/Keys/adv_courses_2008.phtml
   2. http://isurus.mote.org/Keys/slide_workshop_2008.phtml
   3. http://isurus.mote.org/Keys/disease_workshop_2008.phtml
   4. mailto:epeters2 at gmu.edu
   5. mailto:Lauren.Waters at Delta-Seven.com
   6. mailto:ebartels at mote.org
   7. http://isurus.mote.org/Keys/scuba.phtml

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