[Coral-List] lionfish mis-information and a little crow!

Lad Akins Lad at reef.org
Fri Feb 22 11:09:17 EST 2008

HI Listers,

Sometimes we all get to eat a little crow and it appears this is my turn.

After my recent posting about mis-information on the lionfish issue, it
appears that I have mis-quoted a bit myself.

Regarding Dr Ramon Ruiz-Carus' paper (Ruiz-Carus et al, 2006) which included
estimates of the numbers of lionfish imported into Florida each year, the
correct estimates reported in his work included importer invoices of 7,562
in TAMPA during a 6 month period in 2003 and, by extrapolation, an estimate
of over 80,000 fish imported into the State of Florida during that same
period (Miami being the other port of entry).  My statment of over 7,000
fish in a year grossly understated Dr Ruiz-Carus' estimates.

Thank you to Dr Ruiz-Carus for bringing this to my attention privately.  I
apologize for not getting the correct info out there and will enjoy the rest
of the feathers as they slide down quietly.

Best Fishes,


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