[Coral-List] Mac is a failure

Hector Reyes hreyes at uabcs.mx
Fri Feb 22 12:56:59 EST 2008

Sorry about this, but I have to ask; why was MAC a failure?
I am not an specialist in marine aquarium trade, but the activity is well
under way in the Gulf of California and many important NGOs are trying to
get support (certification) from MAC in order to, supposedly, get higher
prices for selling the fishes and thus benefit the local communities. In
fact, they are focusing their entire efforts in this are to get that
certification.. are they wrong?

Hector Reyes

> Exactly what have they accomplished over the years? Taking millions of
> dollars and returning no results.  If you measure them on their "results"
> on certification you have no choice but to say they have thus far failed.
> Sad but true.
> The good news is that other groups have been working hard and actually
> doing something worthwhile with a small fraction of the money MAC has
> wasted.
> Andy
> Andrew L. Rhyne, Ph.D.
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