[Coral-List] Blast-threads

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Sun Feb 24 17:43:53 EST 2008

Hey, Team, publicly trashing an organization can get you into a lot of 
trouble, if what you say can not be substantiated with facts.  We're 
talking a LOT of trouble.  Of course, we all want to learn from mistakes 
of the past, and that's where the fine line is.  What I'm getting at is 
this:  I don't want (can't let) Coral-List to be caught up in the middle 
of mud-slinging, even if the mud sticks.  It's not what we want to 
accomplish here.  If you can offer positive feedback on lessons learned 
from the past, then fine, but there is no percentage in using invective, 
as all it does is spawn more of the same and blow out neurons better 
spent on solving difficult problems.

Now don't go and think I'm talking about YOU  in particular!  There are 
some posts Lew and I have just killed.  This is a general 
bulletin...Think before you blast!  Please!


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