[Coral-List] Martha Stewart pushing the coral trade

Leslie Whaylen lesliewhaylen at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 14:05:42 EST 2008

The 2008 HGTV Dream Home is located in Islamorada, Florida.  I recently toured the house and was shocked to see so many shells and corals displayed.  I thought to myself, "They must have taken out an entire reef to stock this home."  To see pictures, visit http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/dream_home/ and then click on Foyer or Entertainment Room to view a slide show.  Granted, some are not real corals, but others in the house are.  Talk about sending the wrong message.  Perhaps Martha Stewart was hired as a consultant for the interior decorating.  More tasteful are the various art canvases scattered throughout the house, painted by local artists.

Leslie Whaylen
Florida Keys


Dear colleagues,


I was at Macy’s in NYC last weekend and just happened to observe the latest Coral Spray Bedding collection from Martha Stewart. Corals, sponges, shells, and JEN Vernon’s Corals of the World are featured as part of the display. The corals are replicas and not for sale. However, there is no disclaimer or notice to the un-sustainability of corals as ornaments, which may send the wrong message to the general public. Given the recent coral-list interest in the coral trade, I though I would share images of the display, see:




As this is the International Year of the Reef, wouldn’t it be nice if retailers got the message and noted such (at least by the end of the year)?




Steven Lutz


P.S. more coral trade images are available in the parent folder ‘Steven_Lutz_Photos’

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