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Yuri latypov ltpv at stl.ru
Tue Feb 26 05:35:19 EST 2008

Dear listers,


There is a book  "Scleractinian corals of Vietnam". 343 species 
Scleractinian are described in it, examined a problem of species at 
corals, morphological and taxonomic signs of the basic and problem 
taxonomic groups. In one of chapters reef-building corals of Vietnam are 
considered as a part of the Indo-Pacific ecosystem.. The book are 
supplied with black-and-white and color tables of the described corals, 
and also more than 200 underwater photos. The book is written down on CD 
in files pdf, doc. and gif.

Wishing to receive this CD contact Yuri Latypov to the address: 
ltpv at stl.ru <mailto:ltpv at stl.ru>


Dr. Yuri Latypov

Institute of Marine Biology

Chief Laboratory of Benthos Ecology


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