[Coral-List] new (and free!) stable isotope mixing model software

Brice Semmens brice.semmens at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 27 13:59:03 EST 2008

Greetings All--

I'd like to draw your attention to a new and freely available stable 
isotope mixing model software tool, MixSIR, and a recently published 
(OnlineEarly) article in Ecology Letters describing the methodological 

Moore, J.W. and B.X. Semmens. 2008. Incorporating uncertainty and prior 
information into stable isotope mixing models. Ecology Letters. OnlineEarly.

The MixSIR software (including source code and supporting software 
tools) can be downloaded from EcologyBox, a code sharing network for 

Like previous mixing models, the MixSIR Bayesian model framework uses 
isotope data to estimate contributions of sources to a mixture of 
isotopes. For example, how much of prey 1 and prey 2 did a predator 
In addition MixSIR:
1. Incorporates uncertainty (i.e., variability in source and mixture 
isotope signatures, uncertainty in fractionation).
2. Is flexible to any reasonable combination of sources and isotopes. 
For example, you could use 2 isotopes and 2 sources, or  2 isotopes and 
5 sources.
3. Outputs probability distributions of source contributions.
4. Allows the incorporation of prior information to guide analyses 
(i.e., diet data for predator-prey studies).
5. Has a  free, user-friendly stand-alone program (GUI).

With thanks,
Brice Semmens, PhD
brice.semmens at noaa.gov
Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

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