[Coral-List] Marine Life Certifications - Farmed Corals

Don Baker reefpeace at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 02:36:12 EST 2008

Hi Coral-L;

With the issues brought forth by the members of Coral-L on the matter of coral farming....and the end of MAC.......

Can any Member suggest a ways and means to institute a more realistic and viable Certifying entity - less having to fork out millions $$$ to open hands of national wise guys and deep pocket politicians....transparent, verifiable, and altruistic?  Or am I dreaming here?  

If its a "no go' - 'no way' = then lets end the international marine aquarium trade once and for all.  Lets support the ban of all marine life imports of any nature from anywhere.  If you want to have a marine aquarium on Guam - you have only Guam to get the live stock as NO Imports allowed!!!  Believe it or not..this was put forth once to GovGuam people...but killed off.

Any suggestions people?

Don Baker
Guam, USA

Alternate Email: donbjr95 at hotmail.com

"Dedication and motivated direction in achieving specific goals related to the care and protection of living things is not necessarily a guaranteed formula for success.  Success is, more often than not, a direct result of a person’s passion in addition to the above formula." [Don Baker, Marine Conservationist/Activist, 1998]
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