[Coral-List] Line Island microbes & macrobes

Forest Rohwer frohwer at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 21:29:59 EST 2008

The results from the Line Island cruise are now published on PLoS One.
There is a companion overview in PLoS Biology. You can comment on the
paper on the website & those comments will be available to other

In the microbiology paper we propose a model by which overfishing
leads to more algal photosynthate which supports a pathogenic
microbial community. The microbes then cause coral death. If you are
interested in mechanisms that lead to coral death, then this work
should be of interest to you. A lot of evidence from multiple labs is
supporting the role of microbes in coral reef decline, so even if you
are not inclined towards things you can not see it would be great to
get your insights.

Forest Rohwer

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