[Coral-List] What can SCIENTISTS do??

Shanee.Stopnitzky at sce.com Shanee.Stopnitzky at sce.com
Wed Jan 2 13:02:57 EST 2008

There is one extremely obvious thing that scientists can do (hopefully no 
one said this already and I missed it)...LEARN ABOUT IMPLEMENTATION. 
Through many well-meaning, intelligent posts, I have noticed a consistent 
trail off after the idea part of the discussion. Yes, economics, 
government processes and social sciences are boring for most, but these 
are the disciplines that should be guiding the formation of research ideas 
and they are what comes after the science (if not more integrated than 
that), if it is not going to sit on the shelf. Every coral scientist 
(assuming they want to *do* something) should be well-versed in these 
areas AND able to justify their work within the context of actually 
putting it to use, because the scientists are responsible for positioning 
their work for implementation.

Happy New Year everyone!! 


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