[Coral-List] what can scientists do

Paul Sanchez-Navarro paulsn at ceakumal.org
Mon Jan 7 12:13:21 EST 2008

I've been reflecting on the messages about "what scientists" can do and I understand the frustration inherent in the dynamic of increased research providing better information, which is not then necessarily translated into action. However, after working in conservation for 15 years, I've seen a lot of scientists beating themselves over the head on this same issue. Thanks to science we (humans) are now very aware of what we are doing to our lifesource and the inaction is from whole societies not accepting the data, the analysis nor the predictions based on science. The action has to come from everyone. I guess what I am saying is that so many scientists are doing a great job of providing the rest of us with incredible information, now it is up to all of us to do something with that information. Just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks

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