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Paul Hoetjes phoetjes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 11:10:39 EST 2008

   At  the  request  of   CARMABI  (Caribbean  Research and Management of
   Biodiversity)  in  Curacao  (Dutch  Antilles)  I  am  sending  on  the
   following  job  opportunity in Curacao that may be of interest to some
   of you or your colleagues/students.
   For more info on Carmabi see also [1]http://www.carmabi.org.
   Paul Hoetjes

   Marine Biologist to head Academic Program Development in Curaçao 
   The  Carmabi  Foundation in Curaçao (Caribbean Research and Management
   of Biodiversity Foundation) is in search of a dynamic, self sufficient
   individual  to  head  the  further  development of structural forms of
   cooperation with foreign academic institutions. The Carmabi Foundation
   runs a small marine biological research laboratory with lodging for 20
   persons,  manages  nine  protected  areas  in  Curaçao,  and  runs  an
   excursions  and  awareness  program  for  12  thousand school children
   annually.  The organization amounts to a total of 20 employees, headed
   by  a  director,  and  is  presided  by  a  local board of  7 members.
   Recently   the  foundation  has  started  to  revitalize  its  visitor
   facilities   and  has  started  to  develop  structural  liaisons  and
   cooperation  with  foreign  academic  institutions.  The foundation is
   searching  for  a  qualified  and  dynamic person to lead this program
   starting  June 1, 2008. The position is a permanent position, starting
   with a three-year contract.
   Duties and responsibilities:
     * Set-up,  coordinate,  develop and expand the academically oriented
       activities such as workshops and courses in cooperation with local
       and  foreign  academic  institutions  and  experts, such that this
       endeavor will become a viable source of revenue to the institute.
     * Market,  coordinate  and  teach  marine related training sessions,
       workshops  and  courses  for graduate and undergradaute levels, in
       cooperation with both local and foreign academic institutions.
     * Plan  and  guide  development  of the guest researcher facilities,
       negotiate with institutions and service providers for the products
       developed  and serve as liaison for cooperation and investment. As
       such  the  person  will  also serve as the main contact person and
       host  for  local  and  foreign  research  associates,  experts and
       visiting scientist. Some traveling will be required.
     * Write  successful  grant  proposals for research and conservation,
       execute  marine  consultancy  projects  locally and in the region,
       participate  in  board  meetings,  and  assist the director in all
       planning tasks.

   The  successful  applicant  will undertake the above activities on the
   basis  of  a  plan  in which measurable goals are described based on a
   time  plan  and  budget.  The applicant will report to the director in
   writing  on  a  monthly  basis  to  document the actions taken and the
   results achieved.
   Curaçao  is  a  small  island in the southern Caribbean, surrounded by
   fringing  coral  reefs  with  about  150  thousand  inhabitants. Local
   languages  are  Papiamento  and  Dutch,  while English and Spanish are
   widely  used.  The successful applicant will be based in the beachside
   offices of the Carmabi Institute at Piscadera Bay.
   Ph.D.  in  marine biology with ample peer-reviewed publication record.
   Must  have  a successful grant funding record. Demonstrable experience
   in achieving results under suboptimal conditions is required. Teaching
   and   management  experience  is  essential.  Must  be  able  to  work
   independently   but   also  interact  and  participate  well  in  team
   initiatives. Command of multiple languages is preferred, as Curaçao is
   multilingual.  Willing  to  work  flexible hours. Must be outgoing and
   confident,  a good speaker and a socially and service-oriented person.
   Experience in small boats handling and SCUBA diving required.
   Pay and benefits:
   Net  pay will be US$ 2500-2700 per month depending upon qualifications
   and  experience.  The  candidate is required to partake in the pension
   plan  as  offered  by  the  General  Pension  Fund  of the Netherlands
   Antilles  and  will  be  able  to  qualify  for  90% medical insurance
   coverage after passing a physical exam. The candidate will be entitled
   to 25 vacation days per year.
   FOR  MORE  INFORMATION  OR  TO  APPLY:  contact  Dr.  Adolphe  Debrot,
   director,   Caribbean   Research   and   Management   of  Biodiversity
   Foundation,   Piscadera  Bay,  P.O.  Box  2090,  Curaçao,  Netherlands
   Antilles:  [2]adebrot at cura.net.  Tel:  5999-462-4242,  Fax: -462-7680.
   Applications  should  include  a  curriculum  vitae,  the names, email
   addresses and telephone numbers of three references and a cover letter
   explaining  the  applicant's  suitability  for the position. To ensure
   inclusion  in the review and selection process, applications should be
   sent no later than February 15, 2008.


   1. http://www.carmabi.org/
   2. mailto:adebrot at cura.net

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