[Coral-List] Question Thermal vs pH shift

James Cervino PhD. jcervino at whoi.edu
Fri Jan 11 09:05:50 EST 2008

Dear Coral Scientists-

A while ago at the MBL when we compared pH shifts vs thermal stress to
investigate what will induce expulsion (bleaching) first I noticed the
following: During every trial exposing corals to thermal stress, heat killed
the corals far faster than pH changes in vitro. I am not saying that acid like
conditions are not seriously inducing cell impairments in corals or carbonate
substrates as both arriving at the same conclusion, death for corals.

With that said, all the data (real time, not models) points to the corals dying
of heat stroke far before acid like conditions take effect. Are we not
witnessing the death of reefs in real-time due to thermal stress?

Just a question Cheers, James

Dr. James M. Cervino
Pace University & Visiting Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
Department of Marine Chemistry
Woods Hole MA.
Cell: 917-620*5287

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