[Coral-List] Scubaboard.com forum

Michael Lombardi explore at oceanopportunity.com
Sat Jan 12 20:59:33 EST 2008

Dear fellow researchers and ocean advocates,
Thanks to the tremendous and overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding
the proposed Marine Science forum on Scubaboard.com, we have pressed
forward. We, Ocean Opportunity, have teamed up with Scubaboard.com to
facilitate this project as a direct response to the recent discussions
about 'what we can do' within the coral community to better advocate the
correct information to the public. This would prove to be an ideal
grassroots means to bridge the communication gap between researcher and
the public, as there is already a captive audience (those who actually
appreciate all things underwater). Scubaboard.com has over 87,000
registered users with about a million unique visitors every month. 
How this all works:
1.	Click here:
http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/index.php?referrerid=71531 to visit
Scubaboard.com. You will be asked to register (for free). You may of
course encourage all of your co-workers and colleagues to do the same.
2.	Within your User CP, click "Group Preferences". Here, you will
be able to join the 'Marine Science & Physiology' group. Those approved
to be included in the group (all researchers, members of stewardship
programs, advocacy groups, etc) will be given a 'badge' on their profile
within the forum such that the online community recognizes the
individual as a professional and credible source of information.
3.	Spend some time in the marine science & physiology forum
(http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/marine-science-physiology/) to get
started. As with all online forums, success is only possible by actively
participating. Here you have an opportunity to post questions, and
respond to existing threads and questions. Remember, you have a captive
audience! This is an ideal place to generate discussion and interest in
YOUR work.
4.	For those who participate, Scubaboard.com is offering banner
advertising for no charge. Please have your marketing people e-mail me
(explore at oceanopportunity.com) a 468x60 banner ad with a relevant link
to your institution, organization, project, or specific research project
website. I'll be sure it reaches the right hands and is posted on the
Thanks in advance for your participation. While there is no easy answer
in sight to save the world's oceans, these grassroots communications
initiatives DO work. To communicate the facts about our research to the
public, we need to communicate outside of our working peer group. This
is an ideal place to start!
Safe exploring,
Michael Lombardi
Oceans of Opportunity
The Explorers Club, Member National
exploration & scientific diving resources
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