[Coral-List] Question Thermal vs pH shift

Allen Chen cac at gate.sinica.edu.tw
Sun Jan 13 19:15:54 EST 2008

Hi, Thomas

In your e-mail you have stated " There is clear evidence of
> corals expanding into warmer water at the limits of their ranges, but
> this results in coral communities, not coral reefs, which take
> centuries to thousands of years to develop. Even if the corals could
> adapt to warmer temperatures, and there seems to be no really good
> evidence that they can on the time scale that would be needed, the
> existing reefs would die quickly, and it could take thousands of
> years for new reefs to be established."

This is an interesting observation. I am wondering you can provide  
the list of references that we can read?

thank you in advance.

Cheers, Allen


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