[Coral-List] Palythoa or Trididemnum

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Dear Ellen,

I think it is pretty clear now that most people are not confusing  
Palythoa. Palythoa however can overgrow and kill corals and I have  
seen it doing so very actively in SE Florida, Brazil, and Toco in  

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From: Ellen McRae <siwaban at yahoo.com>
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Could this be the colonial mat anemone Palythoa caribaeorum? This is  
what it sounds most like to me.  They form mats 1 m or so across on  
nonliving rocks in shallow water. Not all individuals in a colony are  
open, and their short tentacles may not be visible. These look like  
series of pale lumps, each about a centimeter across, encrusting the  
substrate. The "spiders" sound like Arrow crabs.  Too many errant  
polychaetes to hazard a guess about the worms. To my knowledge this  
is not a pathology and should not be removed.  Any other opinions  
about this welcome!

   Best wishes--
   Ellen McRae
   Caye Caulker
   Belize, C.A.

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