[Coral-List] Porites bran

Dan Dalke-Fac/Staff ddalke at lovett.org
Thu Jan 17 10:11:52 EST 2008

Dear coral listers,

I have a student project that is surprising to me this year. I
have a 120 gallon aquarium with cultured live rock in it from
Florida. It has been established for over 5 years and has been a
great aquarium. Several small colonies of what I believe are
Porites branneri are growing on new pieces of live rock and reef
plugs throughout the aquarium. I haven't had much experience
with corals sexually reproducing within an aquarium before and
was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences with this
coral within aquariums or any knowledge of this coral within the

Here is the link to the student project on it:

and also their current picture page:

Any information about this coral and your thoughts on their
project would be greatly appreciated.


Dan Dalke
Upper School Science Department Chairman
The Lovett School
404-262-3032 ext. 1520
ddalke at lovett.org

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