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Dear Dan,

For the characteristics of Porites branneri see:

Jameson SC (1997) Morphometric analysis of the Poritidae (Anthozoa:
Scleractinia) off Belize.  Proc 8th International Coral Reef Symposium,
Panama 2:1591-1596

It can be downloaded at <www.coralseas.com/pubs.html>

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> Dear coral listers,
> I have a student project that is surprising to me this year. I
> have a 120 gallon aquarium with cultured live rock in it from
> Florida. It has been established for over 5 years and has been a
> great aquarium. Several small colonies of what I believe are
> Porites branneri are growing on new pieces of live rock and reef
> plugs throughout the aquarium. I haven't had much experience
> with corals sexually reproducing within an aquarium before and
> was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences with this
> coral within aquariums or any knowledge of this coral within the
> Caribbean. 
> Here is the link to the student project on it:
> http://fc.lovett.org/%7Eddalke/Projects_07/TANK_120/Proposal.html
> and also their current picture page:
> http://fc.lovett.org/%7Eddalke/Projects_07/TANK_120/Pictures.html
> Any information about this coral and your thoughts on their
> project would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Dan Dalke
> Upper School Science Department Chairman
> The Lovett School
> 404-262-3032 ext. 1520
> ddalke at lovett.org
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