[Coral-List] PhD Studentship Opportunity

Dan Sinclair djsweb1971 at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 18 18:05:10 EST 2008

The Scottish Alliance for Geosciences Environment and
Society (SAGES), the British Geological Survey
and The Scottish Association for Marine Sciences
(SAMS) would like to announce a PhD studentship
opportunity to work on the geography and geochemistry
of Scottish deep-sea coral reefs.

SECRETS FROM A DEEP REEF: Structure, Biogeography and
Palaeoclimate Reconstruction from Mingulay Coral Reef
Sediment Cores.

Cold water corals are a hot topic – from their
beautiful yet enigmatic reef structures to the ocean
and climate secrets recorded in their skeletons. We
offer an exciting opportunity to work at the leading
edge of deep-coral research studying reef
architecture, palaeoclimate reconstruction and the
dynamics of the ocean system using coral/sediment
cores recovered from a Scottish deep-coral reef.

We're looking for a student with a background in
geology/chemistry and an enthusiasm for studying deep
sea coral reefs and paleoclimate.

Applications close 12th February 2008 

For more details contact:

Dan Sinclair (Scottish Association for Marine
Email: dan.sinclair [at] sams.ac.uk
Ph +44 (0)1631 559 412

NOTE – SAGES studentships will provide full UK/EU
tuition fee, and stipend and Research Training Support
Grant at prevailing NERC rates. Successful candidates
from outside the EU will be required to provide
funding from their own sources for the difference
between the EU and the overseas tuition fee.

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