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    Coral Reef Advisory Group Education and Outreach Coordinator 
  The American Samoan Government is soliciting candidates for the Coral Reef Initiative (CRI) Coordinator for the Governor’s Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG). This position is currently administered through the American Samoa Department of Commerce and the employee will report to CRAG, with the Chairperson of CRAG as direct supervisor.  
General Description
  CRAG was established to coordinate specific activities of five agencies in American Samoa; the American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, the American Samoa Department of Commerce, the National Park of American Samoa, the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency, and the Community College of American Samoa.  The purpose of this coordination is to protect and preserve coral reef ecosystems while attempting to balance and satisfy development needs of the people and the Fa’asamoa (Samoan way of life).  CRAG works closely with regional and national partners on coral reef conservation issues, most notably with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Conservation Program (NOAA CRCP), the US Department of Interior (DOI), and members of the US Coral Reef Task Force.
    The Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG) Education and Outreach Coordinator works to address the key threats facing coral reefs in American Samoa through coordinating education and outreach projects administered by CRAG and in cooperation with Le Tausagi, an inter-governmental organization that strives to coordinate and collaborate environmental education and outreach activities.  The CRAG Education and Outreach Coordinator has engaged Le Tausagi members in furthering their work beyond formal education outlets into churches and the villages.  
     Duties and Responsibilities
  The duties and responsibilities of this position are to:  

   Continue      and develop the next phases of the AS Education and Outreach Campaign;
   Lead      the American Samoa International Year of the Reef programs, 
   Produce      education and outreach materials that support the education and outreach      campaign including news releases, posters, signs and support materials;
   Coordinate      the educational efforts of different agencies or other bodies as they      relate to CRAG endeavors and the education and outreach campaign;
   Increase      awareness of coral reefs through the media (TV, radio and newspaper);
   Coordinate      CRAG activities with the local environmental education collaboration Le Tausagi and CROE.
   Provide      supervision and training for AmeriCorps member, 
   Act      as the CRAG staff member to assist in the development of the local action      strategies,
   Generate      progress reports,
   Build      local capacity through support of teacher education materials, programs,      and project development; and
   Act      as project manager for specified projects (see CRI-AS grants).

  This position requires an individual with a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis on education and outreach, coastal/marine management, natural resource management, environmental policy, marine science, or a related discipline.  Candidates must be well organized, possess education and outreach skills, knowledge of behavior-changing initiatives and outreach programs, facilitation skills, be able to make public presentations, press releases, and be able to work with government agency representatives and the public.  Proficiency in English and Samoa is required.  Must have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.  Desired qualifications include the following:
  ·        Experience implementing education and outreach campaigns;
   Experience      communicating with multiple stakeholders including the general public,      local and federal government agencies, private partner organizations,      NGOs, Pacific Island Nations, and the media.
   Project      management experience.
   Experience      supervising the work of others.  Ability to motivate people, delegate      responsibilities effectively, and mentor students and volunteers.
   Willingness      to keep up-to-date with emerging environmental education information      pertinent to coral reef conservation.
   Experience      with socioeconomic and human dimensions monitoring programs.
   Knowledge      of Marine Protected Area planning and implementation as it relates to      public education and outreach. 
   Ability      to work as part of a team and with a diverse group.
   Willingness      to live and work on a small island in the Pacific.
  USD 27,000 annual salary, medical costs, vacation, and sick time. 
  To apply
  Send a cover letter and resume/CV addressed to
  Lelei Peau, Coral Reef Advisory Group Chairman 
  American Samoa Department of Commerce
  Executive Office Building
  Utulei, American Samoa 96799 USA
  Email - Lelei.Peau at noaa.gov
  Copy to:
  Alyssa Edwards, NOAA Coral Reef Fellow
  American Samoa Department of Commerce
  Executive Office Building
  Utulei, American Samoa 96799 USA
  Email – aly.edwards at gmail.com
  Due to periodic postal delays, email applications are encouraged and may be sent to aly.edwards at gmail.com. Applications will be accepted through January 25, 2008.  Please visit our website for more information on the program at http://doc.asg.as/crag
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