[Coral-List] Everglades & the Keys

Gene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Tue Jul 1 12:32:45 EDT 2008

Jim, Coral  demise in the Florida  Keys began in the late 1970s and 
peaked during 1983-84 and has been in decline ever since.  As you 
know I had been diving and observing  Keys reefs since the 1950s. The 
peak of coral decline (Acropora death, black band disease, Diadema 
die-off, and Sea Fan disease to name a few) occurred during the much 
publicized El Nino that paralleled the largest influx of African dust 
in recent history.  What happened in Florida happened simultaneously 
throughout the Caribbean basin around small islands with minimal or 
no human population. I would not get my hopes up about seeing much 
change related to the Everglades project.  Gene

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