[Coral-List] Coastal Capital - Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs in Tobago and St. Lucia

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Earlier this month, the World Resources Institute (WRI) released the
results of an economic valuation of coral reefs in the Eastern
Caribbean. The study, Coastal Capital - Economic Valuation of Coral
Reefs in Tobago and St. Lucia, shows the large contribution that coral
reefs make to the economies of these two islands. The valuation focuses
on the economic contribution of coral reefs - through tourism and
recreation, fisheries, and shoreline protection services. In addition,
the study highlights policy recommendations which will help to alleviate
human pressure on coral reefs and help to preserve the economic benefits
coral reefs provide. The methodology used in this analysis serves as the
basis of our coastal valuation work in Belize and our future work in the
Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

The full report can be found online at
www.wri.org/project/valuation-caribbean-reefs. Also an this page are a
coral reef valuation methodology and an Excel-based Valuation Tool to
help users implement coral reef valuations.

All comments, requests, and questions on the project results,
methodology and Valuation Tool can be directed to:

Lauretta Burke, +1 (202) 729 7774, lauretta at wri.org or 

Emily Cooper, +1 (202) 729 7665, ecooper at wri.org



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