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Megan.Moews at noaa.gov Megan.Moews at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 8 19:24:02 EDT 2008

Re:  CReefs Biodiversity Resource Locator--"People & Places"

Join us in CONNECTING institutions & individuals (including you) associated with coral reef research and conservation around the WORLD via the latest addition (soon to be linked) to the CReefs website (www.creefs.org)--the CReefs Biodiversity Resource Locator (CBRL).  This is a networking search engine allowing users to locate "people" & "places" involved in coral reef biodiversity research globally. CBRL allows users to not only populate the system, 
but also search by expertise, location, taxonomy, and other keywords.

Reasons to check it out and sign in (VERY SIMPLE/EASY):

FAST:  A fast & simple tool to locate researchers and institutions for 
your research needs.

BROADCASTING:  Broadcast your research interests & expertise.

NETWORKING: Be part of a network of international scientists & 
institutions working together to better document, understand, & conserve 
global coral reef biodiversity.

COLLABORATION: Contact & collaborate with experts researching specific 
organisms associated with coral reefs throughout the world's oceans...all 
at your finger tips.

We have posted a Beta version in time for those of you at ICRS and have a booth (E-4) at ICRS, near the educational groups, where you can sign in and become a part of a growing, searchable, international network of coral reef scientists, managers and other associated individuals as well as institutions.

The site is currently posted at http://web.creefslocator.ad2.com/  while we finalize a few minor things (we didn't want to wait b/c of ICRS), but will reside at www.creefs.org/resourcelocator.html (and will be linked to the www.creefs.org site) either within the week or at the very latest, by the end of July.  Go ahead and sign in!

For those of you who have signed up already or who are signing up this week, CBRL has undergone/is undergoing some promised changes, so I would suggest taking a look next week to see what modifications have been made and update your profile (esp. if you are not a taxonomist since it was initially a required field). 

Hope you enjoy your new resource!  And please forward on to interested parties!

Once again CBRL resides at:
this week: http://web.creefslocator.ad2.com/ 
next week and beyond:  www.creefs.org/resourcelocator.html 


Megan Moews
CoML's Census of Coral Reef Ecoystems (CReefs), Hawaii Coordinator
RCUH/NOAA PIFSC Coral Reef Ecosystem Division
e-mail comments/questions regarding locator to creefslocator at gmail.com
questions regarding CReefs:  megan.moews at noaa.gov 

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