[Coral-List] access to bioeroding sponge material

Christine Schoenberg christine.schoenberg at uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Jul 15 01:24:23 EDT 2008

To all people again who tried to download material on bioeroding sponges
without success:

_DON'T_ go directly through your Internet browser. You can't access the
material through Netscape, Explorer or Firefox.
DO: download ftp software from the Internet, there is various good
freeware and testware available
(Look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_FTP_clients). I use
'fetch' on a Mac, which works very well.
Open whatever ftp software you downloaded, it will ask you to enter:
site: upload.uni-oldenburg.de
user: E68947
pass: muhmigud
Once you have entered that info you can hit the button that will connect
you to my ftp site. It works, I checked it several times now, and some
people downloaded the material without problems, but you have to use FTP

The material on bioeroding sponges will be available until the 23rd of
July, so take your time.

Cheers, Christine

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