[Coral-List] JOB: Caribbean Marine Protected Area Management Network and Forum Coordinator

CAMPAM Coordinator campam_coordinator at gcfi.org
Tue Jul 29 12:47:54 EDT 2008

The Caribbean MPA Management Network and Forum is hiring a coordinator. 
All interested parties should submit applications including resume and 
cover letter to campam_coordinator at gcfi.org by August 31, 2008.


JOB TITLE: Caribbean Marine Protected Area Management Network and Forum 


The SPAW (Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife) Protocol launched the 
Caribbean Marine Protected Areas Management (CaMPAM) Network and Forum 
for MPA managers to promote better practices, as well as foster 
communication, sharing and exchanges between MPAs. Since its creation in 
1997 and until 2004, CaMPAM was exclusively coordinated by the UNEP- 
Caribbean Environment Programme which manages the CaMPAM listserv, 
administers a small grants programme and implements capacity building 
programmes (training the trainers for MPA managers, MPA and fishers 
exchanges, SocMon and other MPA-related workshops).

Since it’s expansion in 2004, following the White Water to Blue Water 
partnership event, CaMPAM, UNEP-CEP (the CaMPAM host and administrator) 
and the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI), have struggled to 
maintain effective coordination of activities that can serve the 
membership according to the changing needs of the MPA community in the 
region. The network strategic plan for 2004-2009 
(http://www.gcfi.org/campam/CaMPAM.htm), included several capacity 
building activities to enhance MPA managers skills that were discussed 
and approved at a workshop held at the 2004 GCFI Annual Meeting in St. 
Petersburg, Florida. This landmark workshop (sponsored by UNEP-CEP and 
GCFI with funding from SIDA, UNEP, NOAA, TNC and Environmental Defense) 
was attended by 46 people from 14 countries and territories of the wider 
Caribbean (6 fishermen and officers of national fisheries departments, 8 
MPA mangers, 16 experts on Caribbean fisheries and MPAs, and 
scientists). For more information on this event and the CaMPAM strategic 
plan, see the workshop report at http://www.gcfi.org/campam/CaMPAM.htm

CaMPAM’s goal is to enhance MPA management capacity by supporting a 
combination of training and communication tools, including:

* an active list-serve for the dissemination of relevant information to 
the membership;
* a web page (http://www.gcfi.org/campam/CaMPAM.htm);
* the publication of materials in electronic newsletters (MPA News, etc.);
* the implementation of regular workshops and meetings (mainly at the 
GCFI Annual Meetings) that bring together fishers, scientists and MPA 
managers and personnel;
* a train the trainers program for MPA managers that includes one 
intensive 2-week long regional course (alternating English and Spanish), 
follow-up local trainings, networking among alumni and instructors, a 
Small Grants programme for technical assistance to promote MPA best 
management practices;
* periodic staff exchanges and training exercises between MPAs in the 
* representation of the regional MPA community in fora and meetings 
(members disseminate CaMPAM agenda when presenting papers and different 
* coordination with other organizations to enhance the participation of 
CaMPAM members in coral reef science and management courses, workshops 
and events; and
* a regional database (http://cep.unep.org/caribbeanmpa), which is a 
repository of standardized information, a source of data for subregional 
and regional analysis, donors and business sector, and a tool for 
sharing data with similar efforts (site, national, and international 

Due to insufficient staff and resources, these activities have been 
coordinated and supervised primarily by UNEP-CEP with more recent 
contributions from GCFI and some additional funding from a few partner 
agencies (NOAA, SIDA, TNC, ED), private donors and individual volunteer 
contributions. These contributions have fluctuated over the last years.

Funding, provided by the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program, will 
support the work of a coordinator position. Both full-time and part-time 
(30 hrs./week) applicants will be considered. Position does not provide 
insurance and/or retirement benefits. The CaMPAM Coordinator will work 
to support the Network goals to enhance the capacity of Caribbean MPA 
managers by fostering communication, sharing and exchanges, enhancing 
the use of available resources and seeking new opportunities and funding 
sources. Based on availability of funding, travel may be required within 
the Wider Caribbean region to facilitate delivery of activities.


· Conduct an analysis of the current training needs of MPA managers 
based on the information available and existing needs assessments;

· Identify opportunities for MPA managers training resources (courses, 
workshops, exchange visits, mentorships) organized by international 
organizations such as UNEP-CEP, TNC, NOAA, WWF, CATIE, and international 
NGO’s and GO’s and build upon these efforts;

· Assist and promote CaMPAM Training the trainers and Small Grant Programmes

· Coordinate and follow-up on the Small Grants Fund of CaMPAM

· Manage the existing CaMPAM listserv

· Coordinate ad-hoc partnerships between CaMPAM training program 
(Training the trainers regional and local follow-up training for MPA 
managers, exchange program, sustainable livelihoods) and other regional 
training activities such as those implemented by NOAA and TNC on coral 
reef resilience enhancement and climate change, TNC Conservation Action 
Planning, MPA management plan development, TNC Mesoamerican Reef Program 
Learning Center, individual MPA web sites, etc.

· Enhance membership by incorporating all MPA managers in the region

· Enhance information resources to the membership via CaMPAM listserver 
(grant opportunities, papers, emergent issues, events, lessons learned, 
best practices, education programmes, etc.)

· Develop liaison with relevant list servers (Coral list, GCFI net , 
Caribbean Biodiversity)

· Provide assistance to the membership on grant proposal opportunities 
and writing, and sources of information for enhancing MPA management 

· Coordinate the sharing of data from the Caribbean MPA database with 
similar efforts (Inter American Biodiversity Information Network; World 
Database of Protected Areas and individual MPA web sites);

· Coordinate the CaMPAM Steering Committee;

· Mobilize volunteer efforts to expand CaMPAM activities;

· Identify funding opportunities and expand fundraising efforts to 
support activities described above.


· Graduate degree in marine science, marine resource management/policy 
or related area;

· Experience in MPA science and management in the Caribbean;

· Bicultural and language skills (for Spanish, French and English 
speaking countries);

· Ability to motivate and lead;

· High energy, forward thinking and creative;

· Proven interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills;

· Well organized;

· Ability to work as a team player;

· Ability to work independently with minimal oversight;

· Fluency in written and spoken English required, Spanish and/or French 
in addition is strongly preferred;

· Ability to travel internationally.


· Position location negotiable, preferably in the Wider Caribbean/ US 
Gulf/Florida Region


All interested candidates should submit applications including a cover 
letter, resume, and 3 references with contact information to

campam_coordinator at gcfi.org by August 31, 2008.

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