[Coral-List] Unifying Mass Extinction Hypothesis

Scott Wooldridge s.wooldridge at aims.gov.au
Wed Jul 30 01:12:35 EDT 2008

Dear Coral-List,

I encourage people with an interest in ocean acidification impacts to
consider a paper / hypothesis that is currently open for discussion on
the interactive Biogeosciences journal.

Mass extinctions past and present: a unifying hypothesis

S. A. Wooldridge
Australian Institute of Marine Science, PMB #3, Townsville MC, 4810,
QLD, Australia

It is accessible and open for interactive public discussion via the


Also, read the "Additional Observations #1, #2, #3" in the linked
Interactive Discussion to understand why the hypothesis predicts that
symbiotic reef corals undergo skeletal dissolution at night-time and
during mass bleaching events. The significance of this dissolution
process for ocean carbon sequestration, and hence future global warming
rates, is also considered. 


Kind Regards,


Scott Wooldridge, PhD
Research Scientist
Australian Institute of Marine Science
PMB 3 Townsville MC, QLD, 4810.
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