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Wed Jul 30 11:44:18 EDT 2008

   Of  interest to coral listers -- see the coral merics theme below

                     16^th International Conference of

                     Environmental Bioindicators - 2008

                                Orlando, FL

                            Meeting Announcement

    The  16^th  International  Conference  of Environmental Bioindicators
   (16^th  ICEBI)  is  scheduled  for  11-14  November  2008  in Orlando,
   Florida, USA.

    This  yearâs  conference  theme  is  MANAGEMENT  METRICS,  seeking to
   reconcile  bioindicator  metrics  utilized and provided by researchers
   with  realistic  and  practical  requirements of resource managers and
   policy  makers,  thereby  facilitating  effective response to critical
   environmental management needs.

    In addition to Plenary and Research Presentation Sessions, Roundtable
   Discussion Sessions are planned around topics of

               - Mercury Bioindicators & Biomarkers

               - Environmentally-Associated Disease, and

               - Coral Reefs â Defining Management Metrics

    Abstracts  for  oral and poster presentations will be welcomed at all
   levels  of  Bioindicator/Biomarker applications, including Biocoenoses
   and  Ecosystems; Populations and Individuals;  Tissues and Organs; and
   Cells,  Organelles and Molecules.  Submissions on Bringing the Science
   of  Bioindication  to  End  Users, and Bioindicators of Water, Air and
   Soil Pollution are also solicited.

    The  deadline  for  abstract  submission is Monday, 1 September 2008.
   Submission  requirements  and  meeting  details  may  be  found at the
   website  of  the  International Society of Environmental Bioindicators


    Simply  go  to the âAnnual Conferencesâ tab on the upper subject bar,
   and  click  on  â2008  in  Orlando,  FL.â  Registrations  and abstract
   submissions can be completed on-line at the site.


   1. http://www.bioindicators.org/

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