[Coral-List] Digital photo-monitoring

David Wheeler davidwheeler at doctors.net.uk
Tue Jun 3 03:38:04 EDT 2008

I am a mere tyro having worked from time to time with Coral Cay but I 
recently got excellent shots using a bog standard compact (Canon 
PowerShot S50) at its "28mm" setting mounted at a suitable distance 
above the frame and using the standard Canon housing.  This gives an 
undistorted field of view with good definition.   A more modern camera 
with more pixels and a shorter focal length should do even better - 
possibly the latest wide angle Lumix (which has a Leica lens after 
all).  The only problem with the greater distance would arise if the 
water clarity was significantly impaired but I had no problems off 
Tobago.  A small pair of side mounted strobes would help to get round 
this by eliminating back scatter.
David Wheeler

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