[Coral-List] The Status of MAC?

James Cervino PhD. jcervino at whoi.edu
Mon Jun 9 07:44:58 EDT 2008

I agree Don- as the revolving door of corals for Shell Man in the Keys,
Evolution in NYC and Coral World are stacked to the rafters with fresh new
baskets of corals.

They post these nice brochures saying that there is "change" happening, however,
I still see the bombers and squirters (HCN in bottle) out there, business as
usual, and the shipments of corals and fishes for coffee tables in the USA are
still highly prevalent!

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Quoting Don Baker <reefpeace at yahoo.com>:

* I may have asked about MAC in the past....but people keep asking me about MAC
* and state that it is "improving" and still functioning. (?)
* Can we end this subject with some firm statements and facts?
* Don
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