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Felix Martinez Felix.Martinez at noaa.gov
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My office in NOAA has been very involved in the concept of local 
community involvement with respect to coral reef management.  The 
results of a 4 year investment in Micronesia are summarized in a paper 
in BioScience (Richmond et al. 2007. Watersheds and Coral Reefs:
Conservation Science, Policy, and Implementation. BioScience 
57(7):598-607).  The scope of the paper goes further, to consider the 
role of governance structures with respect to management success.  The 
editor's take on the paper is pretty interesting.  I can make

We are now in the process of figuring out how we can apply the 
Micronesia lessons in Western-style societal structure.  Our first try 
is in Hawaii, where our partners at the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative 
Research Program are engaging the communities of Maunalua Bay, along 
with the relevant management agencies and NGOs, to address the issues 
that impact the coral reefs from an integrated watershed perspective.  
Our next will be to engage our other partners in Florida (National Coral 
Reef Institute) and Puerto Rico (Caribbean Coral Reef Institute) to 
apply the same approach in those jurisdictions.

Let me know off line if you have additional questions.


Amelia Wenger wrote:
> Dear Coral list,
>   I was wondering if anyone could suggest papers, sources, or previous
> studies done on the influence of the local community on the health of the
> reef.  Any region is okay as I am just interested in seeing what previous
> work has been done on this question.
> Thank you,
> Amelia Wenger
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