[Coral-List] Divers and IYOR.

Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 12 12:01:49 EDT 2008

I agree with you. Just telling is not doing.
The first step in saying IYOR is to ask why there is one at all? 
then within the same message, is the self-analysis, on what you are doing today and how you can do it differently to make an impact.
And we have to do both at the same time: awareness-action.
My original message was the surprise that not even the awareness part was there. The other larger issue of your post is how americans (by that I assume U.S. citizens/people) will go through this self-exploratory trip.
Sometimes I have both hope and dispair. Yesterday, when walking out of the grocery with my cotton canvas bag, towards my small, low gas burning car (still saving for a hybrid), I was stop by a lady driving a huge SUV. She wanted to know where I got the canvas bags because she wanted to be more environmentally friendly..... can you guess my (very polite) answer? 

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