Monica Medina mmedina at ucmerced.edu
Fri Jun 13 18:52:00 EDT 2008

Dear coral reef biologist,

Multiple labs are currently pursuing genomic approaches to address  
questions in coral biology. Having access to whole genome sequences  
would clearly facilitate research in our field. In the past few  
years, several white papers have been submitted to multiple agencies  
by members of the coral-Symbiodinium research community for whole  
genome projects. While receiving positive reviews, mainly due to  
large genome sizes, the genome projects have been slow to progress.  
With the advent of the new sequencing technologies, whole genome  
projects seem now more feasible than ever. Prioritizing collectively,  
as a user community, the choice of species for sequencing would  
strengthen our case and could expedite getting to the whole genome  
goal sooner.

We would appreciate if you take the time to respond to two relevant  
surveys regarding the prospects of coral and Symbiodinium genome  
projects. We request that you provide your email address to prevent  
multiple submissions that may bias the outcome of the surveys. Please  
make sure to respond by June 30th.

We are planning to report the results of the survey during the last  
30 minutes of our mini-symposium on genomics of coral reef organisms  
at the ICRS. We also hope to discuss the different ongoing initiatives.





Your feedback will be instrumental in getting consensus in the whole  
coral reef community to make the most effective use of our brief  
discussion so we can push the genome efforts forward. Your  
involvement in the projects will also be critical from supporting  
white paper submissions to genome annotations, when the time comes.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing this exciting  
endeavor with all interested parties in July.

Mónica, Mary Alice and Jodi

Monica Medina
Assistant Professor
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